OBN Digital CEO Briefing:
Interacting with Big Pharma -
pitfalls & strategy tips

Thursday 5 November, 17:00 - 19:00

OBN Digital CEO Briefing:
'Interacting with Big Pharma: pitfalls & strategy tips'

Thursday 5 November, 17:00 - 19:00 (GMT)

For some years now, big and mid-sized Pharma have prioritised acquiring external innovation to supplement their own internal R&D programmes and fill strategic gaps in their development pipeline.

For a small BioTech, this can offer numerous benefits including a route to scientific support, development assistance, downstream marketing, and of course funding and investment.

Such deals can encompass research collaborations, equity investment, in-licensing, or acquisition.

And especially in the current climate where leveraging capital from investors is becoming harder, partnering with big pharma can provide an alternative way for biotech’s (especially biotech’s with a platform technology) to raise capital to extend their cash runway – especially where decent upfronts are negotiated.

But any Biotech CEO needs to be mindful of the challenges:

•             Who will be the best partners in any given circumstance?
•             How committed will they be to develop your technology? Do they have competing technologies in their portfolio?
•             Do they have a strong market position and capability to exploit your technology?
•             How do you approach negotiations and achieve equitable agreements that protect your interests if a deal goes sour?
•             Is it better to partner early or develop the proposition further to increase the potential value downstream?
•             Is your IP position sufficiently strong to add value & reduce the risk of Plagiarisation?
•             Who has the rights to foreground IP, and do you have freedom to operate if your partner backs out?
•             Spotting the warning signs when the collaboration is not going well
•             Gaining priority support within a big pharma organisation
•             How do you achieve an equitable position – valuation, approaching negotiations and obtaining relevant professional expertise

We will explore all these aspects & more in our forthcoming OBN Digital CEO Briefing.

17:00 Welcome & Keynote -
          John Harris, CEO at 
OBN (UK) Ltd
17:30 Keynote -
          Ian Oliver, Audit Partner - Life Sciences Sector Specialist at
17:45 Keynote -
          Sian Gill, Partner, Patent Attorney at
Venner Shipley
18:00 Audience Q&A
18:15 Virtual Networking via Remo

About the event:
This session will be run in a live format, with registration open for both OBN Members and Non-Members.  

A live Q&A will follow the keynote presentations and audience members will be encouraged to engage with hosts regarding their thoughts on the topic, and any personal experiences.

Virtual networking will take place using Remo after the Zoom Webinar session ends. 

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